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households, we had enough food and never went begging again."Zhang Xiuying said "Life got better after we got our pi▓ece of farmland. We grew enough grain to feed the family, we didn't need to buy grain a▓nymore."U.S. professor endeavors to present▓ today's China through literary translationU.S. professor endeavors to present today's Ch▓ina through literary translation11-24-2019 10:45 BJTNEW YORK, Nov. 23 -- When he was a boy

in the 1970s,▓ Charles A. Laughlin would sometimes follow his mother, an adventurous cook in the home kitchen, to an Asi▓an market to find ingredients for making Chinese dishes in his hometown Minneapolis, U.S. s▓tate of Minnesota. "Immediately afte▓r you walk in, the strong smell of dried fish or other k▓inds of pungent spices hit you right away. ▓And it creates a sense of fascination," said Laughlin, professor of Chine

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